Katrine Bidstrup is a Danish architect and contemporary jewelry artist, living and working in Copenhagen.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, 1997-2003

Kingston University, Kingston School of Art, Architecture, London, 2000-2001

Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Enamel on Steel, ME, USA, 2017

Member of the Danish Association of Architects 

Member of the Danish Crafts & Design Association  

As an architect, the world of human made structures in which we build our lives is my fundamental language. As an artist, I use this language of form and space to investigate the immaterial “landscapes” in which we wrap our identities.

My work transforms abstract visions of “scape” into small-scale sculptural objects/jewelry. Through this process of conceptualization, the context of a place, a thought, an emotion changes and warps its relation to the human body and mind.

I use the both visual and tactile perceptiveness of ordinary steel and vitreous enamel in my work. Steel and glass are not naturally compatible and have to be forced to fuse. This is a fascinating struggle hidden within each piece.